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Important Things to Know

The Basics

Some of this may sound redundant but…

  • If your shoes are dirty, please leave them on the tray outside of the front door of the cabin.
  • Hang wet beach towels on hooks outside by grill (see picture above).
  • Fire extinguisher is located on both floors- you will find one in the laundry room upstairs and one under the kitchen sink downstairs.

Camp7 is a sacred place – please help us keep it that way by respecting the property and treating it as if it were your home. We know you may be on vacation and want you to enjoy yourself but please be respectful of the accommodations we’ve created for you.


What an odd topic- but it’s important!


We have two outlets on the front porch of the cabin. We also have an outlet at “the round.” This outlet is protected by a bushel of branches so it’s not entirely obvious at first.

Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fan/light in the loft is controlled via remote – to ensure consistency, please keep the remote on the side table next to the chair. The two bedrooms have ceiling fans as well- these are your typical pull chain control. The light can be turned on by the light switch, but the fan will need to be turned on separately with the pull chain.

Water Spigots

We have several water spigots located in and around the property. You will find a water spigot at the athletic field, down in “the round,” at the bathroom building, and along the road leading down to the cabin. We have installed some barrier logs in front of the spigot by the cabin to help prevent guests from backing up into the spigot when pulling out of the driveway. The water from all of the spigots is potable!!! Stay hydrated and fill up those water bottles!!

Water System

The cabin has a modern water softening/purification system. You may hear the water system regenerating in the middle of the night during your stay. This is a normal maintenance item and no further action on your part is necessary.

Bear Aware

We’re in Colorado, which means we live in bear country. Our outdoor garbage cans are bear proof/resistant, using a special locking mechanism which requires two hands to open.

Please watch this video to see how to operate the garbage cans.

If you are renting the tepees, there is a bear proof  container directly west of the tepee site at the edge of the woods. This bear proof container may be used for storage of your scented and/or food items during the sleeping hours or when not at the camping tepees.  Contact the staff for further details and information.

Wildlife & Pets

Camp7 is home to many varieties of wildlife, including deer, elk, turkeys, and many other four legged and two legged creatures. Enjoy the wildlife- absolutely no hunting.

There is a family of deer that like to hang out underneath the cabin- please do not disturb them. Many animals choose to make Camp7 their home. Please keep your distance and be respectful of all wildlife.

We love animals but Camp7 Cabins is a pet-free environment. Please leave your pets at home.

One more thing; the horses on the property are that of the Owners and are not for riding. If you are interested in horseback riding, please check out the “Additional Activities” section under “Camp Activities.”

Front Entrance Door

The screen door on the front porch can be held open by stepping (gently) down on the lever at the bottom of the door. To release, push the door back and the lever will disengage. Please watch this video to review how it works.

Off Limits

We have a lot to share but there are just a few things we ask that you do not touch:

  • The closet next to the couch with the water system
  • The owners closet upstairs in the loft
  • The shed just outside of the cabin
  • The satellite dish outside behind the cabin
  • The horses on the property

Smoking Policy

You may smoke outside of the cabin, but with our current drought, you MUST take fire precautions at all times and put your butts out in a safe manner (no flicking them, you need to put them out completely before you walk away). You are also responsible for picking up your own butts to avoid additional cleaning fees.

Absolutely NO vaping inside of the cabin. This leaves an invisible film that makes it tough to clean everyday objects.


We understand that sometimes accidents happen! Should you break anything and/or notice broken items please let us know immediately as we would like to resolve the issue before our next guests arrive. Thank you.