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Welcome to Camp7 Cabins!

Welcome to our vacation rental!

This is your time and your time is precious. That’s why we’ve created this guidebook. You’ll find everything you need to know about staying with us, from when to check-in/out and the WiFi code, to renting our tepees and scheduling activities. It’s all here.

How To Use This Guide

Before your arrival and during your stay, you can reference this guide to find most common questions about the house and plan your vacation.  In the end, we hope this guide will make your stay more enjoyable, make you feel at home, and allow you to spend more time DOING and less time PLANNING.

When you first access this digital guidebook on your phone, we suggest you add it to your home screen. We highly recommend doing this because it makes the guide faster and easier to access. It also makes your guidebook accessible off-line.

Simply follow your phone’s process to add an app icon to your home screen. Once it’s added to your phone, it behaves just like any other app, but without you needing to download anything or sign in.

This means that when you want to access the guide, you’ll only need to tap the app instead of searching for the link in your inbox – much easier!

Share your guide with your group

You can send the link to this guidebook to everyone who’s traveling with you. That way, everyone has access to all the information they’ll need (which means less hassle for the trip organizer!).